The Abstract’s first album “Where are we going?” has been released at Hunnia Records.  This video shows one of the tunes in creation.

After having played in different formations with double-bassist Csaba Pengő and drummer Zsolt Sárvári Kovács, Roland initiated to start playing as a trio in 2017. During the time spent together as a trio, they soon found their common ground and developed their own voice. As a result “The Abstract” recorded its first album “Where are we going?” at the end of 2018. The trio plays Rolands compositions, that mix jazz, rock, avantgarde and free music in a special way.

The compositions serve as a canvas for some elementary raw- and lyric expressions, besides other, more unexpected twists and turns. Crudity of experimental rock, refined textures of “northern jazz” as well as the exciting world of free improvisation all appear in their music. The themes that could be easily called “songs”, provide the framework for an adventure, where the classical trio setting gets to display in a broad variety.

Roland Heidrich – guitar
Csaba Pengő – double bass
Zsolt Sárvári Kovács – drums