I took up the guitar at the age of 14. A simple act, that started unappeasable passion for music and this fantastic instrument. Incipiently i was tought and inspired by Attila Csikós and Sándor Szabó, my master, who showed me into a deeper level of music and sound, principally through the structures of jazz and its fringe genres. I reckon music as the creation of that very moment. I think my sytle cannot clearly close-knitted to any genres, although tunes of jazz and improvisation are still sensibly at present in my music. Besides, classical music and techniques, contemporary composition techniques, folk music, oriental tunes and avantgarde had significant influence on me and my music. I try to contemplates music and art as a universal, impartible entity.

Besides various experimenter formations, i was initially a member of Bálványos Ensemble, where i had the luck and pleasure to gain a deeper introspection into the essence of improvisation. I owe a lot to Judit Bálványos and Zsolt Vagra, who initiated me into the sacred regions of improvisation. Later on, i had and have the pleasure to cooperate with Sándor Szabó, Balázs Major, Nikolai Ivanov, Vajk Kobza, Alf Wilhelm Lundberg, Ralf Gauck, Edward Powell, Csaba Gyulai, Csaba Pengő, Hannah Berger, Zoltán Lantos, Thomas Gundermann and Tamás Szalay. Since then on, i keep cooperating with many of the above mentioned artists and others. I compose and play also solo pieces.

For the last few years my main musical instrument was the electric guitar, but for 10 years i played only the 8- and 16-string acoustic guitars. Besides fretted instruments, i love to play my fretless guitar, which provides bridge towards oriental tunes. My carreer as a musician and artist has been covered by 6 albums so far, but i’m hoping for more to come.