I picked up the guitar at the age of 14. A simple act, that started my ever lasting passion for music and this iconic instrument. I was mesmerized by rock music first but thanks to Attila Csikós i have soon discovered jazz and started to develop myself in that direction. After some years of studying my interests evolved in other directions, like avantgarde and experimental music including free improvisation. I played with Judit Bálványos and Zsolt Varga, who introduced me to pure free improvised music. Having set up my prepared milti-pickup electric guitar for experimental music purposes, I met Sándor Szabó, who showed me into a different sphere of music and sound, principally through acoustic music. I played acoustic guitars for 10 years, explored the oppurtunities on the 8 string classical guitar, 16 string guitar and fretless 8 strings, before my return to the electric guitar and my original sound imaginations. In the last couple of years I mostly play electric guitar.

In all these years i was lucky enough to play and record with a bunch of really good musicians. It is hard to make a long list short, so i will keep this job for another time, but as far as releases and formations go, i played with: Sándor Szabó, István Grencsó, Balázs Major, Judit Bálványos, Zsolt Varga, Vajk Kobza, Csaba Gyulai, Róbert Benkő, Csaba Pengő, Alf Wilhelm Lundberg, Ralf Gauck, Zoltán Lantos, Thomas Gundermann, Zsolt Sárvári Kovács, Nikolai Ivanov, Bálint Bolcsó, Mark Wingfield, Kevin Kastning.

I always loved to compose and I do so today, but I think of music as the creation of that very moment. In 2017 we started to work in trio with double bass player Csaba Pengő and drummer Zsolt Sárvári Kovács and soon continued as The Abstract. A long awaited artistic and sonic opportunity has come true for me. I really enjoy playing with Zsolt and Csaba, they add the spices to my concepts and compositions. My goal is to keep the dinamic range as wide as possible and play really different feels and tastes besides each other. I’m not afraid to write some bitter-sweet melodies, switch to free jazz in the next bar and continue with some heavy riffs in the next tune. Anyways we are on our exploration and already recorded our first album.

In terms of releases, the Grencsó Poetry Collective has released the album From Door To Gate (spring 2019) at Hunnia-/Adyton Records. Though this might be more interesting for the hungarian audience (becouse of the hungarian poems written by István Grencsó) the improvised music surrounds the lyrics in a very colorfull manner and is enjoyable as such.